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58 South Broadway
Pitman, NJ, 08071
United States

Donut Revolution is a warm, fresh, made-to-order donut experience located at 58 South Broadway in Pitman, NJ.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's in those amazing donuts? It's like a revolution for my tastebuds!

- Amazing donuts are made with amazing ingredients! We craft small batches of authentic cake donuts all day long. They're fresh, delicious, and perfect for topping they way YOU like! We never use store-bought batter or pre-made mixes, so you can be assured there's no crazy, unnecessary preservatives or wacky chemicals added.  All of our donuts and dips are made from scratch, with the freshest ingredients available. And we locally source whenever possible.  Fresh, local, craft - this is what you deserve.  Don't settle for anything less; start a donut revolution!


Do you Cater?

- Absolutely!  From weddings to birthdays to fundraisers to corporate events to tailgates to holiday celebrations, we're ready to start a revolution at your place. Whatever your event, we can improve it with donuts!  Check out our Catering page for more details.


I have a great idea for a donut!  Can I tell you about it?

-For sure!  We love new ideas almost as much as we love chocolate and sprinkles (that's, like, a LOT!).  What's a revolution without innovation?  Let us know what's in your noggin and we'll see if we can get it on your plate! Email us at or contact us HERE .


I have some food sensitivities.  Can you make mine without? 

- If you have a specific request, please let us know.  While we aim to please in every way possible, due to the nature of our production, please be advised all products are made in a kitchen with other products.  While we do our best to minimize cross-contamination, we prepare foods that contain wheat, eggs, dairy, soy, peanuts, and occasionally nuts, among a host of other ingredients.   We will never call anything "allergen-free" for this reason, so please do make informed health decisions safely. 


What about Gluten?


- Avoiding Gluten?  We do offer freshly-made donuts made without Gluten and topped with dips, tops, and drizzles made with no Gluten on dedicated equipment.  Again, we work to minimize the cross-contamination risk, but, as we are not a “Gluten Free” Bakery, strongly advise those with sensitivities to be aware of the potential that exists for cross-contamination in any kitchen environment. 



Where can I get these movement-starting, amazing donuts? 

- Awesome donuts can come right to YOU!  Due to changes in family situations and some updates to our business plan, we've decided to close our Barrington location.  We are still available, however, for Catering and Special Events!  Send us an email ( or message on Facebook and we'll be happy to help you plan your event!*    (Distance and time restrictions apply.)

Why am I not eating a donut right now?

- We don't know, either.  Make better decisions. Message us, already!