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58 South Broadway
Pitman, NJ, 08071
United States

Donut Revolution is a warm, fresh, made-to-order donut experience located at 58 South Broadway in Pitman, NJ.

Our Story

Our Story

Tiffany has always been in love.  A rich, unadulterated, forever kind of love.  Her truest longing, the thing that flamed a hunger deep inside, her ardent desire … was the donut. Round, robust, spiced, and golden.  No, not just any donut.  A true lover of these sugary, doughy confections, Tiffany was constantly searching for a donut to cherish her back, to uphold her high standards and reciprocate her love with each decadent bite. 

   Tiffany Pesyna, sassy owner and full Revolutionary of Donut Revolution.

Tiffany Pesyna, sassy owner and full Revolutionary of Donut Revolution.

And so began her quest. 

Over the years, those sweet, sweet circles of goodness have made an appearance at just about every milestone in her life. Donuts at parties; donuts on road trips; donuts because it's rainy; donuts because donuts. Where most people have wedding cake, Tiffany and Matt (her less circle-shaped love) opted instead for an artfully arranged pile of … yes, you guessed it – donuts. 

But years and years of mediocre, mass-produced dough rings started to leave a bad taste in Tiffany’s mouth. She was sure she would never find “The One.” A  constant baker for friends and family and a food service professional for two decades, Tiffany was determined to never give up her search.  Alas, this wonder always was difficult to find and fleeting when she did. Could no one give this poor, donut-loving lady the sweet rewards she deserved? She began her confectionery crusade in earnest.

Knowing that if you want something done right, you do it yourself (thanks, Napoléon), Tiffany took matters and mixer into her floury hands and began preparing her own, unique recipe of delightfulness in a pot of hot oil on her ancient stove. By night, she fried donuts and topped them with fun frostings.  And by morning, she found those rich treats gobbled up by her kids … and the neighbors’ kids … and the neighbors. And so she made more. And ate more. And shared more.

Eureka! She had finally discovered the answer to her donut prayers.

Then it struck her one Sunday, as she prepared yet another batch – she had hit on the perfect blend of fresh, hand-crafted and delicious bliss, and that was too good not to share with everyone! Why should she be the only one to experience this level of freshness and flavor on a regular basis?  Her fellow donut-lovers needed this, too!  And, so, a revolution was born.  A cry for better donuts; fresh, local, and craft;  and topped the way you like them, warm and wonderful … what could be better?

Forsaking her glamorous career of food service management for good, Tiffany embarked on a journey to lead the charge (sound the trumpets and grab the sprinkles!) for the type of donuts you deserve. Don’t just love the one you’re with. Join the Revolution!